We provide space for caravans or campers on hard surface and over 150 individual tents on grass. You can park your car besides your tent in normal weather conditions.

Electricity and water is available in several areas on site.  There are also locations with toilettes and mobile shower.   


Camping fee for the whole duration of the EO 2013:

(maximum stay from Wednesday 24 at 10:00 until Monday 29 at 10:00)

  • Caravan/Motorhome € 60.00
  • Electricity € 30.00
  • Tent € 30.00



Camping rules


  1. only gas is to be used for cooking and barbecues, charcoal is not allowed
  2. open fires are not permitted
  3. the camping site must be vacated on Monday at 10.00h at the latest; it must be completely clean when you leave
  4. rubbish should be contained in closed bags and must be put in the skips/containers provided
  5. chemical toilets can only be emptied at the designated point
  6. the asphalt must not be damaged, weights must be used to secure awnings, marquees or shelters
  7. people who need electricity will receive a card/ticket which must be posted in plain sight
  8. tapping/branching off electricity is not permitted
  9. we expect quiet at the camping site after 23.00h
  10. no vehicles are allowed to be driven on site between 00.00h and 06.00h
  11. respect the recommendations of the camping stewards and night security
  12. set up your camping gear within the provided area
  13. during a heat wave a bucket of water should be close at hand when cooking in the tent area
  14. anyone not complying with these rules will be ruled out of the competition and asked to leave the camping site


Important : 


The camping wil be open from Wednesday 24/07/2013 10:00 AM untill Monday 29/07/2013 10:00 AM. Without reservation, we cannot guarantee a spot for your camper or tent.


Reservation is possible untill 01/07/2013.

Camping site will be closed for cars after 22:00 hours.  You should arrive earlier if you want to take your place at the camping.  If you leave the site with your car, you should arrive before 22:00 hours if you want to park your car near your caravan/tent.

In Belgium we use this kind of European power socket.

Your plug should be this kind: two round pins and a hole for the earth. Be aware that the Dutch plug with earth on both sides, can not be used!

You can also use this kind of plug.

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